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Skipton Football Netball Club Mission

We strive for long term success, both on and off the field, while aiming to be a respected club that welcomes all, and that people wish to be a part of.

Our Core Values

  • To promote the participation in football and netball for all age groups.

  • To provide good facilities for playing football and netball.

  • To encourage junior participation while emphasising the fun of sport.

  • To be a welcoming club to all in the community, maintaining strong ties with the primary school, being supportive of other community organisations, and to provide a safe, enjoyable, inclusive environment for everyone.

  • To pursue club, team, and encourage individual success in football and netball, seeking to maximise the potential of our players, and where applicable to recruit quality people for the betterment of our club.

  • To be mindful of our history and to learn the lessons that go with it, acting for the long term health of our club.

  • To aim to win while promoting the ideals of sportsmanship, treating umpires, officials, opponents, teammates and volunteers with respect.

  • To promote and encourage a culture of volunteerism.

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