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In extremely trying conditions our brave emus battled away against the Smythesdale Bulldogs and the elements on Saturday. It is a long time since we have had a day like it, especially after a hot week. Seeing netballers and footballers shaking their hands to get some circulation going brought back junior sport memories for many of us. Despite the challenging conditions on court and field, everyone played well with good spirits, and most of our sides managed good wins.

The football started with several Skipton Under 12 players helping Smythesdale out with numbers. It is great that our players are willing to help when possible and increases the opportunities for a game.

Final results Skipton 9.5-59, to Smythesdale 2.0-12. Pinky’s Pizza award went to Bowen Corbett, and Skipcoin voucher to Andy Wills. The Under 15s had a great win in the wet conditions, 8.3-51 to 4.1-25. The rain continued through this game, but team battled on very well. Campbell Corbett received the Pinky’s voucher so it looks like the Corbett brothers are feeding the family this week.

The Under 18s were light on for numbers with some unavailable and the usual top up players from the Under 15s unable to to go back out due the the risk of hypothermia. The warm showers were a much better option. As a result Smythesdale had a couple more on the ground than we did, but our boys played the drying but extremely windy conditions well, running on and carrying the ball where possible. Skipton victorious 10.5-65 to 4.10-34. Bailey Thompson received the Pinky’s voucher, Brad Uwland the Emu Creek Deli award and Hayden Tompkins the Skipcoin voucher.

The reserves were defeated by Smythesdale, this being Smythesdales only senior grade side. Smythesdale have made some big improvements in their quest for survival and to strengthen their club off field, we wish them well in recruiting enough players to fill the required senior side next season to add strength to the on field part of the club. Skipton 3.9-27 defeated by Smythesdale 5.5-35. The two Skipcoin vouchers went to Tom Robertson and Josh Appleby.

We were able to offer our grade 4 girls a run in the under 13b game this week due to smythesdale also having lots of young players this season. We played an extended game of 6 qtrs as such to fit the extra players on and we luckily missed the rain and hail, just!!!!

Our younger girls took the court first and were up against some much taller opposition who took advantage of our inexperience to go to a comfortable early lead. Tilly, Clara, Lyla and Ingrid were courageous in their first real game and gained some important experience. It was Adeline Corbetts first rostered week on and she held her own for her 4 qtrs in each of her positions. The second half of the game saw our more experienced girls back on the court and with some wonderful defence and fantastic intercepts, along with some great shooting, we were catching up. We were lucky enough to have the last shot at goal in the final minute to take a one goal win, 16 to 15. I was very proud of all 11 girls and they are a huge credit to our club. Awards went to Adeline Corbett and Sophie Collins but i felt it was a fantastic team fight back.

13as also had a win 16 to 10

Awards to Tess Bingham and Kailah Scott

15s were unlucky going down 14 to 28 with awards to Sophie Liston and Charlotte Maxted.

The under 17 girls scraped through their tussle with a draw 12 goal each

Awards to Jemima Howell and Pas Sherrifs

The senior section came away with 3 wins

C grade 43 to 5

Awards to Elise Crick and Ella Dridan

B grade won 60 to 5

Awards to Amy Dridan and Amy lodge

A grade won 42 to 21

Awards to ella mclean, Amelia Pollock and Erin Gillespie

Next week we host Learmonth at Skipton, we have a meal and our player auction in the evening to which all are very welcome. During the game we will have the Toyota Hilux raffle prize at the game. This is an initiative of the CHFL to try to broaden clubs revenue. Tickets will be available on the day.

See you all next Saturday, Emus 2018!

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