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Congratulations Nat Clark on a fabulous milestone of 400 games!


The good surface of the ground at Snake Valley was always going to struggle to withstand the at times, torrential downpour throughout the day. This was Carngham Linton’s first game at the Valley this season, unfortunately for them at the end of the day a lot of damage had been done.

The rain started with the Under 12s but the surface hadn’t deteriorated to badly for their game, with Skipton playing very well, winning 10.4-64 to 0.0-1. Best players Noah Kennedy and James Read. It was especially pleasing to see the way our team played together even though we were missing several players to school holidays. The sight of the coach and players all trying to huddle in the coaches box at the breaks showed how heavy the rain was at that early stage.

The downpour continued for the Under 15s, but still the ground held up, Skipton managed to hold Carngham to a single goal when they had the benefit of the strong wind, and then capitalise, scoring well in the second and last quarters when the wind was in our favour. The final score was a victory to Skipton, 9.8-62 to 3.1-19. Best players Xavier Connell , Bailey Meek and Marty Boyer among many others.