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A combination of coming up against a well drilled, talented Daylesford sides and some early losses to school holidays saw our Under 12 and 15 sides under pressure on on Saturday at home.

The Under 12s started well but as the game progressed Daylesford stamped their authority on the contest, dominating the last three quarters to defeat the young Emus. Skipton 2.1-13 to Daylesford 5.4-34. Cooper Cahill tried hard all game to receive the Skipcoin award, Gracie Draffin the Pinky Pizza voucher, and Tiger Williams the hot chocolate.

Daylesford Under 15s are equal second on the ladder, and with or without us missing a couple of players were always going to be a tough opponent. While Daylesford were the stronger team all game, the Skipton side kept trying all game and made Daylesford fight hard for each score. The final score line read Skipton 1.3-9 to Daylesford 5.8-38, a result that doesn’t do justice to the efforts of our team. Charlie Savage was awarded the Skipcoin for his efforts, Nic Cooper the Pinky’s voucher and Noah Kennedy the hot chocolate.

The reserves had a lesson that to be a top side and stay above the next ten, preparation, fitness and being mentally ready to go are essential. The hard running, play on style of football that served them so well in other games was missing as the ball was continuously kicked down the lines to contests, putting pressure on our own players. Despite this the narrow margin of a two point loss could easily have gone the other way with more accurate kicking. Skipton 5.12-42 to Daylesford 6.8-44. Two players that played their hearts out were Alex McClean and Riley ( Razza) Uwland. Skipton remains in third position on the ladder and its better to have this lesson now rather than later in the season, and I’m sure you will see an improvement in coming games.

The Senior side dominated the first half of the game, opening up a 46 point lead at half time, this looked to be a percentage building win in the making. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be, with our team taking the pressure off in t