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With better conditions for football this week the under 12’s enjoyed a close game with the Lakies all day. Skipton edged in front with 5 mins to go to record a good win. James and his team should be very pleased with their effort. Awards to Noah Kennedy and Jacobi Victorsen.

In a one sided game in favour of Skipton the under 15s recorded a strong win. Blake Scott, Jack Sheenan impressing in the middle, Marty Boyer and Jessie Kennedy enjoying the space in the forward line. Awards Luke Peeters.

The under 18 team went in very under maned and Learmonth took advantage of this and played a strong game. At the end of the day the results didn’t reflect the strong effort put in by the Emus. Fraser Morcombe and Brad Uwland battled hard all day. Award Winners Mitch Greive, Brad Uwland and Ed Boyer.

Reserves started well early matching it with the Learmonth. Learmonth got on top with their small brigade running free, made it very hard for the emu backline and they ran away with an easy win. Award winners Al McLean and James Kirkpatrick.

On a beautiful day for football Learmonth came out ready to play and put Skipton on the back foot early. Xavier Lowry and Andy Fay stood tall all day, however our midfield with soundly beaten especially in the first half until Skiptons coaching team put pressure on their midfield in the 3 qtr. With Jack Peeters making his mark in the mid field and Josh Draffin running well of the half back line which put more pressure on Learmonth to even the game a little in the 3rd qtr. Mark Hoa re and Sam Lehmann made a difference doing a defensive job on 2 of Learmonths ball getters. But to Learmonths credit they kicked away in the last to record a sound win. Award Winners Xavier Lowry and Josh Draffin.


It was a relief to have better weather this week as we took on Learmonth at home after last weeks horrendous day out. But the netball results were not so good with only 2 wins for the day against incredibly strong Learmonth sides.

Our under 13b side continue their great form and played some fantastic netball. It is very pleasing to see all girls playing all positions so confidently. Their final score was 19 goals to 0 and the awards went to Cate Connell and Addison Maxted.

Last year Learmonth had the victory over our under 13a girls so Amy and her girls set it as their goal to have a win over them this time. First half of the game stayed goal for goal, with us being 1 goal down for the first half. Our girls went into 3rd quarter and gave it 110% and took back a few of the centre passes to get us up a few goals ahead for a more comfortable last quarter. This week we had Alice Liston return back after an injury and the awards went to Maddi Dunne and Emma Gowans. Well done girls.

Then the Learmonth grades stepped it up a notch and things weren't so successful.

Our under 15 and under 17 girls tried so hard but unfortunately couldn't match the height and strength of their opposition. They were up against some very big girls and very accurate goalies. The 15s went down 6 to 36 with awards to new player Ceilidh Sheehan and Paige Kennedy.

The 17s went down 4 to 48 and awards went to two more new players in Josie Castles and Pas Sheriffs.

The senior section were also given a lesson in how to play netball as Learmonth dominated all 3 grades with an impressive display. We did have some positive passages in all grades and all teams managed to work on small things that they were aiming for but it was never going to be enough unfortunately.

C grade went down 15 to 55 with awards to Elise Crick, Alee Bryce and Caitlyn Pitcher.

B grade awards went to Jaymee Crack, Georgie Fay and Hannah Smythe in the 18 to 50 goal loss.

Awards for A grade were given to Amelia Pollock, Ella McLean and Liz Barr with the end result 14 to 79.

Thanks to our award sponsors Emu Creek Deli and Gifts, Skinny Sisters Cafe and Tin Box Gym

Next week we hope to bounce back as we take on Newlyn over at Newlyn. After the away game make sure you get back to the Park Hotel in Ballarat for dinner with the team, all the info on and the skiptonfnc facebook page.

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