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Volunteers of the Week

Allie and Craig Plover are our U18 team managers and do an amazing job! Thanks for all your help guys, the club can only run and be successful with the help of people like you!


The visit by Daylesford to Skipton this week saw our Under 12s try hard but suffer their first defeat this season. A very good Daylesford outfit kept Skipton scoreless for the first time in a long time. Coach Draffin and helpers kept the positive encouragement going all game but the efforts couldn’t match the Daylesford class. Skipton 0.0-0 to Daylesford 7.10-52. Pinky’s Pizza went to George Wills and Skipcoin to Harry Collins .

The Under 15s continue to improve each week, while they seem to be untroubled by the opposition score lines this year, the improvement and work they do on playing as a team is great to see. Kelvin with the assistance of Al have the boys playing better as a team every game.

Skipton 11.8-74 to 2.0-12. Awards were Pinky’s to Charlie Savage, and Skipcoin to Nathan Dean.

Daylesford have similar numbers to Skipton in the Under 18s and with all things being equal our team took the opportunity to shine. We might be light on for quantity but not quality. Our boys play a running long kicking game that puts a lot of pressure on the opposing team. An entertaining game to watch Skipton victorious 13.14-92 to 1.3-9. Pinky’s award to Jack Liston, Skipcoin to Brayden McCarthy and Emu Creek Deli to Lachlan Smyth.

The reserves welcomed back several players, including Lachie Wilkie, Josh Grist and Tim Gawne straight of the plane from the orient. This team if half fit and used to playing together would be a very good seconds side. Let’s hope that down the track they are able to come together as a unit.

Skipton lost to Daylesford, 3.3-21 to 9.6-60. Lachie Parker and Josh Grist received the awards. Calcutta syndicates with Kirby and Lachie Parker are in the money.

The Senior game saw Skipton struggle with team work early, not kicking a goal until half way through the second quarter, with the defence playing well but under pressure. Things started to click for Skipton after half time, with our side gradually increasing the pressure. At the three quarter time break it seemed the ga