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Concussion in Sport - Athlete Information Sheet

Concussion in Sport – Athlete Information Sheet

What is concussion?

Concussion is a type of brain injury, caused by a knock to the head or anywhere on the body where the force is transmitted to the head; it can also be caused by a fall. It commonly causes short-lived neurological impairment (impairs the functioning of the brain) and the symptoms may evolve over the hours or days following the injury. While all concussions should be assessed by a doctor, most will resolve without the need for specific treatment. Rest, followed by gradual return to activity is the main treatment. All concussions are serious.

How to recognise concussion.

Recognising concussion can be difficult, but proper response and management can help prevent further injury or even death. Most people who sustain concussion do not lose consciousness. There are several possible symptoms and signs but they are not specific to concussion. The signs and symptoms can be subtle. Onlookers should suspect concussion when an injury results in a knock to the head or body that transmits a force to the head. A hard knock is not required, concussion can occur from relatively minor knocks.

What are the signs of concussion?

There may be obvious signs of concussion such as loss of consciousness, brief convulsions or difficulty balancing or walking, however the signs can be more subtle. Below is a list of symptoms or signs that may indicate concussion.