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Huge congrats to Jimmy James Collins and Margot Barr on another fantastic year of Auskick and Net Set Go! The kids have had a fantastic time and the club thanks you for your dedication to the next generation of Emus!


The Beaufort Crows visited Skipton this week in one of our biggest home games for the season. A great rivalry has developed with Beaufort which adds a little bit extra to the day.

Under 12s got off to their customary good start, victorious in front a a shivering crowd, 4.2-21 to Beaufort 1.1-7. The awards for best players were Pinky’s Mia Wright, Skipcoin Oscar Sim, and Bakery Tiger Williams. Under 15s Beaufort had the best of the Under 15s in the first quarter, leading by 7 points at the first break. Thereafter however Skipton turned it on, restricting Beaufort to only one more scoring shot while adding 7 goals of their own. Again it was a good team effort by our boys to shut the opposition down. Final scores , Skipton 7.4-46 to Beaufort 2.2-14. Awards went to Ben Van Gaans for the Pinky’s voucher, Skipcoin to Campbell Kennedy, and Bakery to Aiden Walsh.

Under 18s came up against a good Beaufort side that will likely feature in the final series. There is a special intensity when our 18s play each other, while the game was played in good spirits, it was easy to tell each wanted bragging rights. Unfortunately Beaufort were too strong, increasing the margin at each break, running out victors. Skipton 4.8-32 defeated by Beaufort 10.6-66. Pinky’s went to Lachlan Maxted, Skipcoin to Fraser Morcombe and Emu Creek Deli to Matt Plover.

Reserves were in the game at times, sometimes restricting Beaufort to no score in the odd quarter but found themselves without many scoring options of their own. In the second and last quarters Beaufort made the most of the scoring end, kicking nearly their entire score . Skipton 2.5-17 defeated Beaufort 10.9-69. Josh Appleby and Mitch Webb received the awards, and in the player auction Josh Grist came through for “Only Gavan”, and Jack Robson paid out for “Midda”.

Seniors came out of the blocks hard, leading by 3 goals at quarter time, giving some great entertainment to the crowd. This continued into the second term and Skipton looked to have the momentum for most of the quarter, but a couple of late injuries had us wondering if we could sustain the high pressure style of play that given us the edge so far. Sadly Skipton were hampered after half time and combined with Beaufort going up a gear the game slipped away. It was a creditable performance for most of the game considering we didn’t kick a goal against Beaufort last year, and that Beaufort would be expected to feature late into the finals series. Unfortunately Beaufort kicked a few easy goals late in the day making the score more one sided than it could have been. We have come a long way in a short time to be able to compete with these sides like the Crows, but we know we have plenty of work to do yet to be in a position to win games against them. Sam Lehmann went well for “Boyer’s Bunch” and Xavier Lourey for “Kiernan Molloy”


There was alot on the line for our girls as they took on Beaufort last saturday at home. With Beaufort sitting close to us on the ladder in most grades there was a great chance of us taking a few wins. Unfortunately it wasnt to be though and the day didnt turn out as succesful as we would have liked.

13b girls again came away with another win in the rain and dominated thier attacking end to win 18 goals to 1. Awards went to our two GKs as they braved the conditions and lack of ball play up their end, tough going Sophie Collins and Addison Maxted.

13as had our only other win for the day getting up 16 to 8. There was some great team play and fantastic intercepts. Alice liston and Lauren Bodman played well to receive the awards.

Under 15s had a tough game and unfortunately couldn't string together the play that we know they are capable of. Sophie cook and Kate gowans took the awards in the 17 to 22 goal loss.

Under 17s There was a tough tussle in our under 17 game as they were a couple short due to school holidays. In a fantastic team effort they pushed Beaufort for the entire game and went down by just one goal 22 to 23.

Cgrade Beaufort came out strong and got a jump on our girls. Unfortunately we couldn't put the pressure on that we were hoping for and Beaufort won 14 to 39. Awards went to Alee Bryce and Anna Walker.

Bgrade was a close one with only a couple of goals in it at all breaks. The pressure continued and with some good passages of play we continued to push but in the end we went down by 2 goals in the end, 34 to 36.

Awards to Ella Dridan, Amy Lodge and Gemma Molloy.

Agrade a graders were a lot stronger than their ladder position suggested and our girls were up against it from the start. With a few changes to the team this week it took a little for our girls to settle back into it but ended up going down 20 to 56. Ella McLean, Laura Fay and Liz Barr took the awards.

Thanks again for all the Sponsors, Donors and Life Members that attended our function, your generous support helps the rest of us put our teams out on the court or ground each week. See everyone at Hepburn next week, then it’s back to the Park Hotel for a meal. Go Emus!

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