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The ground at Hepburn was initially in excellent condition after being chopped up during the lightning premiership. It had great grass cover and if not for the pouring rain and water lying on it, could have been a great surface to play on.

Under 12s churned it up a little, and by the time the senior teams had finished with it was a bit of a mess! Hepburn were keen to repay Skipton for defeating their under 12s in the lightning premiership, and they repaid us in spades. The final score saw Skipton only kick a solitary point, 0.1-1 to Hepburn 9.9-63. Pinky’s went to Davey Alexander, Skipcoin to Caden Clark, and Bakery award to Will Sheehan.

Under 15s managed to reverse the results, kicking 17 goals in the heavy going was a good effort. Skipton 17.8-110 to Hepburn 1.3-9. Awards went to Lachlan Wills receiving the Pinky’s Pizza award, Ben Walsh the Skipcoin voucher, and Bakery Ward to Nathan Dean.

The tables were turned again when Hepburn’s strong Under 18 side gave our boys a lesson in the deteriorating conditions. It was becoming difficult to tell players apart, especially difficult when unfamiliar players pulled on the jumper, as Hepburn generously lent a couple of players to make up numbers. Skipton 2.2-14 defeated by Hepburn 18.10-118. Pinky’s went to Tom McCarthy, Skipcoin to Harry Bufton, and Emu Creek Deli to Aaron Miller.

With a couple of players on our senior list missing, injured or unavailable the reserves did a good job putting a full side on the ground. They performed well, fighting the game out until the last , keeping themselves in a competitive position for most of the game, with the opposition only pulling away late in the last quarter. It is very difficult to give a more comprehensive report of the efforts of our team as the mud covered players made it beyond the capabilities of this correspondent to work out what was going on! Jake Crack and Brad Uwland received awards.

The senior game started well for us, our players working hard to contest the ball in the opening term. This looked quite promising for us, but Hepburn clicked into gear and broke away in the second term, putting the game beyond doubt. Our players had their chances, but need to have more self belief as a side when another side gets a run on. We are certainly capable of pressuring all sides in the competition, and with more experience and maturity will come consistency. Final score Skipton 4.5-29 to Hepburn 13.12-90.