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Season 2018 draws to an end for all except our under 15s. While it’s our aim to have multiple sides competing in the final series in the future, that is for us to work on, and for the 15s to wave the Emu banner this year.

It is a great feeling to finish a season knowing that while we still have lots of work to do, we can look to 2019 with optimism and knowledge that we have laid the foundations for the whole clubs future success. This season seemed to fly by after the difficulties of previous years. Thanks so much to Greg and assistants in coaching , recruiting and doing all the hard work to set us on this path to an exciting 2019.

Most of all, thank you to all our players, from Aus-kickers to Seniors, you have all represented our club very well and your attitude and competitive spirit is a credit to yourselves and your respective coaches.

The Under 12s finished the year off in the same spirit they have played all year, with plenty of unselfish sharing the ball around to try to get all players to have kicked a goal this year. Skipton 11.4-70 to Carngham Linton 0.0-0. Awards, Pinkies- Thomas Gardiner , Skipcoin - Nicholas Bodman , Bakers Delight- Oscar Sim.

The Under 15s were victorious again , 23.15-153 to 1.1-7. Award to Campbell Corbett. As I have mentioned the 15s will be representing us in the finals series, having finished the home and away rounds undefeated. They play Beaufort in the Qualifying Final at Learmonth, commencing at 9.15am. It would be great to see a huge Emu crowd to show our support.

Carngham Lintons Under 18 side will be playing finals and showed what a good side they are against our undermanned 18s. It has been a difficult season for our boys, with some promise being hampered by slim numbers and not helped by injuries. As a club we will be focused on getting out of the cyclical roundabout of junior Football, as numbers wax and wane as players move through the ranks. This feast or famine trend needs a lot of attention over the off season.

Skipton 0.4-4 defeated by Carngham Linton 14.10-94. Awards , Pinkys- Tom McCarthey, Skipcoin- Jake Crack, Emu Creek Deli - Brad Uwland.

The reserves played a competitive game, but the performance perhaps summed up the season, some great efforts and promise held up by an unsettled side, at times needing a bit more fitness. Keeping things in context we must acknowledge how far the side has come from being extremely light on in numbers and talent last year, to being competitive in many games and winning 5 this year. Well done Bos and the reserves. Skipton 3.3-21 defeated by Carngham 9.6-60.

Reserves Calcutta Reserves Bertalli (Just Jeff) and Mitch Webb (Graeme and Dave)

The Seniors... there is nothing like a Carngham game to get the adrenaline flowing, passions are suddenly inflamed, old wounds and prejudices re surface, and the intensity on the ground goes up to 11. On the boundary line we seemed to have the better of the battle of the crowd, there seemed more of us and we were certainly more vocal as vigorous play occurred on the ground. Thankfully at the end of a tough struggle Skipton held their heads high in victory, prevailing by 2 points. Skipton 8.10-58 to Carngham Linton 8.8-56.

Senior Calcutta Mark Hoare (Boyers Bunch) and Hamish Young (Boyers Bunch)

Carngham won the Bendigo Bank Shield, having more wins across all grades of Football and Netball on the day. Thanks to the Bendigo bank for supporting grass roots community sport. Thanks also to Greg and Elise Middleton for hosting a large and happy group of players and supporters in their shed. It was a great evening (early morning for some) and fantastic way to enjoy everyone’s company as we bring our season to a close.


Unfortunately our only finals hope, our under 13a girls just missed out on finals finishing 9th this season, just a game and a half out of 8th spot. They played second placed Carngham and went down 5 to 30 on Saturday. A big thank you to coach Amy Lodge for all her time and effort this year and Georgie Fay for her assistance as team manager.

Our under 13b girls remained undefeated for the season after they won saturdays last game against Carngham Linton 26 to 0. Great effort girls, not an easy feat and good luck to those that step up to formal competition next year. I would like to say a personal thank you to Leigh Maxted for the wonderful job he did as my team manager this season. I very much appreciate all of your time and enthusiasm.

Our under 15 girls finished 15th this year. They were beaten 14 to 33 this week but their improvement this year has been fantastic. The girls have learnt alot from coach Fiona collins and will be able to put everything into practice in the years to come. Jason Richardson gave Fiona great support as T.M. so thank you to you also!

Bec Scott was our great under 17 coach this year, ably assisted by Amy Lodge as T.M. and the girls have had a ball. They went down 16 to 24 this week but finished 15th for the year. It was great to have some lovely new faces in the team and thier enthusiasm to help around the club was very much appreciated. Best of luck to those who step up to senior ranks next season.

C grade had some great close matches this year and alot of injuries also! With all the changes it was a great opportunity to have some past players come back for one offs such as Sarah Walker, Bianca O'Callaghan and Erin Robertson. It also gave alot of our under 17 girls the chance to experience senior netball and a taste of whats to come. They finished 17th for the year with a close loss 30 to 33 this week, but this doesn't reflect their efforts and standard of play. Big thanks to first time coach Hannah Smyth and T.M. Ella McLean for helping these girls during the season.

Thank you to Kaye Smyth for stepping up to coach b grade this year and appointing Jaymee Crack as team manager. It was very enjoyable to be a part of this team this year, lots of fun determined girls but a few close unnecessary losses early in the season dwindled our hopes of finals. We went down 29 to 36 Saturday and finished 14th for the year. Not the season result we know we were capable of but lots of fun all the same.

Amelia Pollock and newcomer to the club, Hayley Jones were appointed A grade joint coaches this year. It was great to have Ella McLean in her first year of seniors step straight up to A grade and local girl Laura Fay return to the club. A couple of under 17 girls and an under 15 player, regularly stepped up to the highest level and added to the team. The success's maybe weren't as many as we would like but the team gelled well and their were often some great displays of passionate netball. We went down 21 to 47 in the last round and finished 16th for the year. Great display of opportunities for those juniors coming through the ranks next year.


So I would like to say a very big thank you to all the coaches and team managers for all that you have given and done for our club. It is a huge job regardless of the grade and often goes unappreciated. Thank you!

Thank you to our wonderful netball committee. We make the decisions we do with the whole club in mind and there are often very hard decisions to be made. We think about and discuss these with great consideration for all families and hope all girls are benefiting from the outcomes.

The netball committee has come along way and this has a lot to do with Victoria Kennedy and her knowledge of governance and policies. Thank you Tory for all you have done for our club over the last 2 years as junior coordinator and netball secretary, it has certainly had a positive impact. And to our first year senior coordinator, Liz Barr, thank you for your commitment to the club and stepping up into this sometimes tricky role. You have been outstanding and along with the rest of our great committee, thanks for all you do.


Those with Landmark raffle tickets return them sold ASAP to Kiernan Molloy so we can draw the winners on our presentation day on Sunday the 9th of September.

See you all at Learmonth Saturday for a 9.15am start we’re we take on Beaufort. Good luck to our 15s, Go Emus!

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