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Thanks to everyone that attended the AGM at the club rooms on the 21st of Nov.

The past season has been a very busy one for our club and a much happier one after the disappointment of previous years. Many changes have been made on and off the ground and court. The atmosphere in which our club operates has changed markedly and the work load on volunteers is growing. In recent years the expectations of reporting and compliance to governing bodies has grown, the amount of funding required just to run all our football and netball has increased, let alone be competitive.

Clubs like ours must be run as a business to survive and prosper. As a result of these changing times the committee has made several changes to the way we operate in order to be as professional and business like as a volunteer run organisation can be.

These changes are as follows:


We have implemented an appropriate governance structure with documents laying out clear roles and responsibilities for all officials of the club. These structures acknowledge the various policies from the AFL and Netball Victoria such as racism, drug use, alcohol, cyber safety etc with which we must comply. Any policy decisions are still the responsibility of the Football and Netball subcommittees with the governance being purely an administration tool. Many thanks to Tory Kennedy for helping us get this documentation in to shape.


Thank you as well to Maggie Sheehan who had the task of trying to get the committee to come together with our Strategic Plan being the result. You will be seeing more of this plan around the club next season or before on the website. For those unfamiliar with the process involved in formulating a Strategic Plan, we worked first on our vision for the club, ie; to come up with a short, memorable statement that’s sums up our vision, then identify a statement that defines our purpose, following that with shared values that we

can check off in our decision making.