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Skipton brought home the John Fraser Shield on Saturday, winning it for the first time in several years. The winner of the shield is decided by a vote per winning game, and as Skipton only lost one Netball and tied the football games, the day went to us.

Earlier in the day, the Under 12s had a good win, keeping Beaufort scoreless. So far this year the opposition across all three games have only managed one point between them. Well done James and his young team. Skipton defeated Beaufort 3.10 to 0.0.

Award winners George Collins and Hamish Pratt.

The Under 15s only managed the one goal, but that doesn’t tell the tale of the game. They kept trying, and we can clearly see the development of the players as they go. After the good older players from last year moved out of the 15s the opportunities are there for the team to improve their game and it is pleasing to see them listen to the coach and work hard. Skipton defeated by Beaufort, 1.8 to 7.9. Award Winners Marty Boyer and Jackson Villa.

The reserves ran out with as good a side as we have had in the reserves for many a year. They started a little slowly but improved as the game went on, kicking long, and running on, defeating Beaufort, 11.12 to 4.3.

The Senior games started well with plenty of run and pressure from Skipton, but as the quarter went on Beaufort forced themselves back into the contest, winning the ball around the centre and stoppages, putting pressure on our defence. The second quarter was all Beaufort, extending the lead considerably. Xavier Lourey was standing tall in defense, repelling many forward thrusts, but was playing a lone hand. In the third quarter Skipton steadied and held the opposition while matching them on the scoreboard, but Beaufort came again and dominated the last , finishing with 18.18 to our 9.6.