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This week our senior footballers wore blue tape as a symbolic action, telling everyone that speaking up and seeking support is OK. If we can talk about our physical injuries then we should be able to talk about mental health conditions without being discriminated against or stigmatized. Thanks to everyone that donated we were able to raise over $200 for Beyond Blue. or 1300 22 4636 #beyondblue


On Saturday Skipton had the good fortune to repeat the form of last week, winning all the football. The ground had softened a little with the weeks rain, but this was not to the detriment of football.

In the opening game we were treated to some old fashioned football with timekeeper Tim opting to use the bell rather than the siren, “just because”.

The Under 12s had a good game, improving on last weeks scrambling affair. I am reliably informed ( by Tim Dunne) that Tom Dunne kicked the first goal of the days play. Many contributors on the day helped Skipton to a good win, including the award winners, Tom Dunne received the Pinky’s voucher, George Wills the club award and Hot Chocolate to Will Sheehan. Final scores were Skipton 6.3-39 def Creswick 1.0-6.

The under 15s game was another entertaining affair with the Emus playing well as a team, again with many players contributing. Best were Pinky’s, Andy Wills, and Club award Xavier Connell. Skipton 11.5-66 def Creswick 4.0-24. Mick Larkins took the reins after Coach Molloy had to leave early to get Charlie to the MCG for Auskick, congratulations go to Charlie and also to Hugo Middleton, what a thrill!

While Kiernan was absent the aforementioned, T Dunne had the scoreboard changed to show a Creswick win, took a photo and sent it on to Kiernan. This prompted a flurry of calls from a worried coach who later claimed not to be taken in by these shenanigans.

In a game that was a real test for the reserves Skipton came up against the undefeated Creswick. It was a tight tussle for three quarters with the scoreboard showing 3.6 a piece at three quarter time. Skipton’s pressure and better fitness showed out in the last, kicking 4 goals to Creswick’s 1 and to run away with the game. This puts Skipton third on the ladder with two sides with equal points but better percentage above them. Josh Appleby and Tom Miller were named as best players. Skipton 7.8-50 def Creswick 4.8-32.

The Senior side had been challenged by their coach to be 3 and 3 after six games, so this was a must win. The opening quarter saw the Emus charge out of the blocks with clean possession from centre clearances giving Curt Townrow and the other forwards plenty of opportunities. A six goal to two score line gave us a great buffer for the game. The next two quarters were quieter for Skipton, still increasing the margin but with several important players sitting out the game injured. A lull in intensity was just the sort of opening that , Tim Dunne again, was looking for with random bellowing insults to opposition and instructions to umpires drawing some passion from the crowd and players! Yes Tim, he has “ been doing it all day”.

The final quarter saw us kick away again, 5 goals to 2 to record a good victory and push us into 8th spot on the ladder before the interleague break. Skipton 16.9-105 def Creswick 9.3-57. Best were Lachie Johns, Jack Peeters, Ben Krol and Curt Townrow with 6 goals.


It was a strong start to the day, a rocky middle and exciting finish as we brought home 2 wins for the day when we took on Creswick last Saturday.

The under 13b girls had another rest today with Creswick unable to field an opposition side. This then meant that their 13a side consisted of some very young and tiny girls and some bigger older ones as well. This lead to a very one sided affair and our girls were able to create alot of opportunities and came away with a big win Skipton 35 def Creswick 1. Awards to Bronte Molloy, Hannah Meek and Keeley Clark but it was a great team effort.

Unfortunately the under 15 opposition were all rather big and strong and had our girls beaten in some areas. We had a few great passages but it wasnt enough. Skipton 15 def by Creswick 39. Awards to Tess Bingham, Destiny Frisby and Silver Victorsen.

The under 17 girls were within arms reach for the majority of the game and mixed up positions to look for a way to get over the line but fell short Skipton 13 def by Creswick 23. Awards to Sarah Cushing, Zoe Larkins and Jenna Walsh.

Once again we have some write ups from the senior coaches to elaborate on their teams efforts.

C Grade girls took the court with more confidence this game and came out of the first quarter looking very positive. Unfortunately Creswick where able to get a good run on in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with our girls lacking the strength to shut down Creswicks mid court play. Skipton 30 def by Creswick 44. Awards to Ruby Bingham for her 4th quarter efforts, she really took on the GS and got hands on most of the balls that went down Creswicks end. Second best went to Anna Walker, she had a very tough time breaking away from her defender but took on the challenge providing strong drives towards the ball out side of the circle, and rewarding the team with goals and those missed with great rebounds. “Laura”

B grade came up against a very evenly matched side in Creswick. A great battle in the first quarter saw Creswick up by 5 goals at quarter time. All the girls dug deep and clawed back to be down by 3 at the main break. Working hard with changes across the court saw the emus chasing down the Wickers and back within 1 goal at three quarter time.

The lead changed several times throughout the last quarter but unfortunately the girls went down by 2 goals in the dying minutes of the game. Skipton 25 def by Creswick 27. Best on court went to Gemma Molloy with a great game in defence, great intercepts and rebounds. Second best today went to Maddie Neddleton with her work in the ring and great drives. “Craig”

The day then ended with a great game by our A grade girls. A very proud coach had this to say.

A grade put another win on the board!! With strong defence all through the court and the girls putting the hard work at training into play to win by 7.

Skipton 38 def Creswick 31.

Best players Liz Williams and Sophie Draffin continued to be strong in defence with massive turnovers and rebounds. The girls are improving every week. “Hailey”

Well done everyone, see you at Ballan after the break.

SAVE THE DATE - SkiptonFNC Ball - 15th JUNE #emu4life

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