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The wind whipped across the Ballan football oval on Saturday, bringing with the Skipton Under 12s second loss for the season. Despite leading most of the day, we were overrun by a better finishing Ballan to be defeated by 3 points. Skipton 2.2-14 to Ballan 2.5-19.

The Under 15s won their fourth game on the trot, putting themselves on the positive side of the win loss ledger. In a low scoring affair Skipton were able to kick all their goals in the last quarter for a two goal win, brought about by constant pressure pushing the ball forward by the team, then good marks and conversion by Marty Boyer. Skipton 3.3-21 defeated Ballan 1.3-9.

The reserves continued their climb up the ladder with a percentage building win. A game clear in third position is a great spot to be at this stage of the season, but will require continued improvement in fitness and team work to maintain their position as other clubs set themselves to take us on. It was great to see Andy Fay return for his first game this season, five goals capped of his day nicely! Andy, Sam Dunn and Riley Uwland were named amongst the best players. Skipton 19.6-120 to Ballan 5.7-37. Before the team sang the song, the players brought secretary Simone Smith into the middle of the huddle and sang Happy Birthday, a fitting tribute to Simone who is a great supporter of all our teams, but loves her reserves as much as anybody.

The Senior game was a mixed one with the strong wind often forcing play to the club rooms side of the ground, with resulted in a clogged forward line and difficultly in scoring, but when we switched and carried the ball to the open side, scoring was made easier. Skipton has the better of most of the game, gradually increasing our lead until coming home with wind in the last, where we got away and scored more freely, posting a nine goal victory. Mitch Bruns is really starting to make an impact in our forward line, getting among the best with 6 goals. At the other end of the ground Ben Krol continues his good form with his strong marks blunting many an opposition attack. Skipton 17.8-110 to Ballan 8.8-56.